@stillsherises x @Disobedient Bodies: A reading list

Jessica Horn
2 min readMar 19, 2021

This reading list accompanies the Istagram takeover I did on Emma Dabiri’s DisobedientBodies where I epxlore African feminist resistance to violence against women.

Citing African feminists is disobedience! African women are literally written out of the history of the world. By citing we write ourselves back in. All these texts are written by people that I have organised with in African feminist movement space- so they are grounded in praxis.

It’s just a taster — not definitive of course but nothing ever really is…. Enjoy!

On pleasure politics

Horn, Jessica. 2006. “Re-righting the sexual body”. Feminist Africa.

McFadden, Patricia. 2003. Sexual pleasure as feminist choice. Feminist Africa.

Mugo, Tiffany Kagure.2017. Osunality: Sex lessons from Africa. openDemocracy. 6 September.

Pereira, Charmaine. 2003. “Where angels fear to read? Some thoughts on Patricia McFadden’s ‘Sexual pleasure as feminist choice’. Feminist Africa

Tamale, Sylvia. 2011. African Sexualities: A Reader. Fahamu Books

Tamale, Sylvia. 2005. Eroticism, sensuality and “women’s secrets” among the Baganda: A critical analysis. Feminist Africa.


On the rape trial of Jacob Zuma

Horn, Jessica.2016. Khwezi showed us how to challenge rape culture- the rest is up to us. The Guardian. 3 November.

Mbandazayo, Kewzilomso. 2018. Kanga and Khwezi: Kwezilomso Mbandazayo challenges the memorialisation of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo Johannesburg Review of Books.

Multiple authors. 2016. The Jacob Zuma rape case: A letter to Khwezi. Pambauka News. 13 April.

Ndashe, Sibongile. 2006. Can I speak please? Pambazuka News. May 11.


Prevention of violence against women

Horn, Jessica. 2014. Avoidable injustices: the way to prevent violence against women. openDemocracy 5050, 24 October.

Raising Voices and the African Women’s Development Fund. 2019. Preventing Violence against Women: A Primer for African Women’s Organisations.


Conceptualising African feminist resistance to violence

Ayiera, Eva. 2010. Sexual violence in conflict: A problematic interational discourse. Feminist Africa.

Gqola, Pumla Dineo. 2021. Female Fear Factory: Gender and Patriarchy under Racial Capitalism. Cassava Republic — forthcoming.

Elathawy, Mona. 2020. Falling apart like a feminist. 19 November.

Kirollos, Mariam. 2016. The Daugters of Egypt are a red line: The impact of sexual harassment on Egypts legal culture. Sur International Journal of Human Rights.



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